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Music has been proven to show improvement in our health and wellbeing, reduce stress and enhance productivity. And the quality of sound we hear makes a huge difference in the positive impact music makes on our lives. This is true, not only in private listening environments, but also in venues such as Churches, Restaurants, Gyms and Schools as well.

Solutions unlimited partner with brands that pay meticulous attention to this detail. Not only in the quality of audio reproduction, but in the overall quality of the equipment. The reliability, look and feel of these products are becoming more and more important as business owners look for products that are aesthetically pleasing, easy to use and are great long term investments.

It does not stop with audio equipment. Visuals are just as important in an entertainment space and these products have to meet the same requirements.

Professional Audio

Professional Audio

Our range of Professional audio equipment is meticulously chosen for their exceptional audio reproduction, coverage accuracy, aesthetics and reliability. Products like our loudspeakers, mixing consoles, microphones, etc., are chosen from reliable and reputable brands to ensure consistent and reliable reproduction every time they are in use. We design systems for longevity, so we ensure that all systems are technically up to date and have room for future upgrading.

Distributed Audio

We have a wide range of distributed audio products that fit into every venue design. Not only have we chosen components that ensure great sound reproduction, but we also make sure our systems fit into venue décor discreetly and is easy to use. Our range covers distributed audio suitable for restaurants, lounges, bars, gyms and churches. 
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Visuals are a very important component to entertainment spaces. they need to have the ability to fit into the venue décor as well as add visual atmosphere. Our range of screens and projectors do just that, provide stunning visuals for sport and other entertainment content, while fitting easily into the venue décor. With our range of video distribution electronics, we are able to build a system specifically to your venue requirements. Not only making the system reliable, but also making it extremely easy to use.
Professional lighting


In live entertainment venues, lighting systems are as important as audio. They allow the the stage to adapt to almost every change of mood in music, enhancing the overall experience. Our range of professional stage lighting allow us to design systems to create this. From high powered moving heads to static fixtures, our products produce accurate brightness and colour consistently for every show. We also use industry standard lighting consoles in our designs to ensure flawless and reliable performance on every show.

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