Education Solutions

Technology today is embedded into the majority of our lives. Whether it’s for work, or for recreation, technology has a huge impact on how we live our lives. This is more true for children today. Being exposed to this technology at a young age prepares them for what future technology may bring us.

What better way to engage with our Children’s education than to bring this technology into the classroom. Not only will this make the lives of teachers far more efficient and enjoyable, but children will engage in school lessons with far more interest and attention, because they are familiar with the technology in front of them.

Interactive WB


Our range of Interactive Touch panels and LED Touch screens allow us to create the perfect education tool for teacher/student engagement that is both easy to use and flexible enough for in-class lessons, hybrid lessons and purely online lessons. Combine this with our education software, your lessons can have an edge that will have every one of your students completely engaged in your lessons.


We have a wide range of AV Projectors that will suite the need of almost every classroom environment. Our projectors will slot into brightly lit rooms with ease and cover even the largest screens needed for the environment. Features like wireless networking, screen sharing and onboard media players, we have almost every perceivable application covered. 
PTZ Camera

On-Line Learning

Online learning has become more important to schools and students than ever before. Not only does a reliable, online system allow you to create memorable and engaging lessons, but you are able to reach students who cannot be in the classroom at the time of the lessons. Also, with todays streaming services, you are able to record your lessons, so students and revert back or catch up on missed lessons. 
Sound Bars


A learning experience in the classroom does not rely on visuals alone. Combining audio with your interactive lessons creates and entirely new dimension to the learning experience. Capturing great audio content and getting it to every student in the class is as important as every student seeing the visuals. Our range of sound bars, wall mount loudspeakers and microphones ensure that every word and every sound is captured with absolute clarity and accuracy, then equally delivered to your students.

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