Distributed video Solutions

Distributed Video Solutions are video systems that allow for playback and often control of video throughout an entire home or building.

Single source, single zone systems distribute the same video source to all screens. This is the simplest type of system that can be installed. If designed properly, no special equipment is required other than one HDMI Splitter and a desired audio source. These systems are commonly employed in retail environments and large buildings.

Multi-source, multi-zone systems are the most advanced and flexible. Different zones can select (and often control) different video sources independently of other rooms. In contrast to the system described above, this kind requires multiple sources. This kind of system could be assembled from separate components (e.g. a splitter-router-matrix switcher and control panels), though knowledge of automation systems would be required. More commonly, commercial systems are employed to accomplish these tasks. Some systems distribute digital video over Cat5 cable to HDMI converters installed in each zone. 

Our Products

Ultra short throw

UST Projectors

Ultra short throw projectors

Up to 4k resolution

Image sizes up to 80 inch


Std projectors

Standard throw projectors

Up to 1080p resolution

Image sizes larger than 100 inches

Monitor screens

UHD Monitors

Ultra high definition video monitors

Up to 4k resolution

Image size up to 85 inch

Video distribution

Video matrix switches

HDMI Switches up to 8×8 matrix

4k video switching

Configuration via PC

HDMI Extender

HDMI over CAT 6 Extenders

Extend 4K up to 60m

Extend 1080p up to 100m

Monitor control over CAT6

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