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Home recording is widely practiced by voice actors, narrators, singers, musicians, podcast hosts, and documentary makers at all levels of success. The cost of professional audio equipment has dropped steadily as technology advances during the 21st century, while information about recording techniques has become easily available online. These trends have resulted in an increase in the popularity of home recording and a shift in the recording industry toward recording in the home studio. The COVID-19 pandemic and its related lockdowns resulted in a dramatic global increase in the number of people working from home throughout 2020, which is anticipated by experts to remain a permanent shift in the field of sound recording when the pandemic ends.

Our Recording solutions offer great value for money. Feature rich and high quality products for faithfull recordings.

Our Products

Beyerdynamic bp40

Broadcast Mics

high quality broadcast application mics

Available alone or with stands.

Both cable type and USB types available


Samson Studio mic

Studio Mics

High quality microphones for studio use

Vocal and instrument mics available

Both cable type and USB type available


Field and camera mics

Field and Camera Mics

Condenser mics designed for a wide range of applications.

Suitable for stand mount, boom mount and camera mount


Zoom mics

Multi-purpose recording mics

Advanced recording mics with built in storage

Designed for field work, boardroom meeting minute taking, disciplinary hearings, etc.

Auto mic gain ensures clean recordings


Pioneer Studio

Studio Monitors

High Quality studio monitors

Available in 4 inch – 8 inch.

Designed for various room sizes and applications


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